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It is important to have a transparent way of working to build long lasting partnerships. Everyone has a unique style of working, and here I'd like to explain mine. Of course, we can always discuss your specific inquiries and timelines. 

The Process



After initial contact we will start mapping out the scope of work together, this can be over a virtual coffee (preferred) or through email. I will fire off some questions to get to know you, your brand and your vision. Once I have a clear idea of what the project will look like, I will propose a timeline with global planning, deliverables, budget and an agreement for this to be signed, after this, we can get crackin’!

1. Kickoff.png


Brainstorm & Concept 

Once we have the formalities out of the way I need to take a deep-dive into your brand & brief. I want to know everything about your core values, mission & vision. The things that drive the business, your eye on the future, the things you are proud of and the challenges you face within the industry.


But also on a practical level will I  have to learn more about your target audience, your tone of voice, KPIs and your service or product. We can do this in multiple ways, either through a questionnaire or through a brainmapping/brainstorming session where we can already explore some first ideas.


Exploring Visual Directions

Now that I understand the brand and your story, I can start creating a visual direction that best suits the brief. I will propose 2 to 3 moodboards / styleframes that presents and explains different styles (in colour, type, photography, motion, general vibe, you name it). After taking some time to let it sink in you can pick which style or concept works best for you, included is 1 round of revisions. ​

3. visual direction.png
2. concept.png



After picking a general visual direction I will start to built out the brand identity or concepts. I will put this in a presentation deck explaining all choices in design along with some guidelines and supported by mockups so you can visualize easily how your brand would come to live when approved and executed. For other projects that are heavier on concepting such as campaign strategies/designs I will follow a similar approach to presenting the work.



It is very important to take some time (days) to let everything sink in and review the deck a couple of times before providing the consolidated feedback. In this phase there will be 2 feedback rounds included if need be. After an official approval on all contents we can go to the last phase; delivery.
6. delivery.png



We are almost done, the only thing for me to do is preparing all the agreed upon assets for delivery. Optimising every element for it’s specific use in what every shape or form this may be. I will transfer all the files in an organized manner so you are off to use your new branding or go live with your campaigns. 


After a few weeks of going live I will check in with you if everything is still in order and if you are still happy with everything we’ve created!



Bas Borremans

Creative Director AIM

Marijn is a professional. With her unique flair and creativity, she brings fresh ideas and is always willing to think outside the box. Her contribution not only enriches our projects but also creates an inspiring and positive atmosphere within our team. In short, collaborating with this creative mind is a true delight.

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