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Appealing & authentic
brand design

Your vision and brand must be compelling from the start;
it needs a reason to exist. This is the heart of your story. I can assist in establishing a strong brand with an appealing Brand Identity, Visual Identity, and advertising campaigns to make
stand out from the crowd.



When design and strategy come together. 
I can help your business with:


The brand identity is the heart of your brand. To (re)build it, we start by uncovering your brand's unique story. What makes it unique, and why should anyone care? Through strategy sessions, we delve deep into your brand, establishing its story, personality, tone of voice, and market positioning. This comprehensive understanding is then translated into a visual identity, ensuring you attract your ideal audience.


The visual Identity is the face of your brand. This is how your customers will recognise you and resonate with your brand. This includes, logo design, typography, illustrations, layout and brand guidelines. 

Social Strategy
& Design

Maintaining visibility and accessibility holds significant importance for nearly every brand. I can offer strategies for “always-on” content or digital advertising campaigns across various channels. Each channel requiring its unique strategic and visual approach. Staying connected with your current and future audiences.




Bas Borremans

Creative Director AIM

Marijn is a professional. With her unique flair and creativity, she brings fresh ideas and is always willing to think outside the box. Her contribution not only enriches our projects but also creates an inspiring and positive atmosphere within our team. In short, collaborating with this creative mind is a true delight.

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