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Travel Manic
Brand Identity

The Brand & Concept

Travel Manic is a travel blog that focuses on exploring the world in a

conscious way, leaving their travelled paths as how they found them and

merely being visitors, respecting life and surroundings of that place. 


For this brand I had carte blanche which is always amazing especially for a travel blog, that

could visually be anything and be super playfull. I am very much inspired by flat design artwork of OlaHoop and Gundersons who make gorgeous artworks of beautiful locations, I thought this could be 

a nice creative way to put in the branding, a flat design style with opportunity

for appealing illustrations, starting with the logo.


Travel Manic started their travels in South Africa and ever since then they could neve

be in their home country for long, to remember this foundation I worked in a piece of

Cape Town's mountain range in the logo. 

Visual Style

My mood boarding got me to a slightly retro/vintage visual style which I thought was

really suitable for the brand. I wanted to stay away from the generic minimalistic 

travel blog design you come across quite often. I wanted something that

was vibrant and would visually stand out and speak, just like Travel Manic's content and photos.

Brand in Action

I had so much fun designing this visually style, it wat right up my alley.

The branding is perfectly suited for apparel design, illustrations for posters and has a vibrant and fresh vibe to it. 

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