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Training Day
Visual Identity - Show Design

The Brand & Brief

Training Day is a collaboration show between the Dutch Police and Gierige Gasten.

In the series, Niels Oosthoek, Michelle Willemsen and Bilal Wahib undergo

 and experience 6 weeks of long and intense police training. 


For this new series I designed the  visual style by adapting and merging  the branding of 

Gierige Gasten as well as the Dutch Police.

Training Day has an average of 250.000 views per episode on Youtube.

Visual Style

In the show the contestants learn how to solve narly situations and how to solve crime.

I probably have seen to many true crime documentaries and detective series because my

brain immediately went to a blackboard with red strings tying all bits of evidence together.


I created this grungy look that suited and adapted both the branding of the Dutch Police

and Gierige Gasten.

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