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Display retargeting campaign

The Brand & Brief

During my time at Choreograph Create, the team was approached by Mediacom South Africa.

Reebok wanted to do a retargeting campaign based on what has been added to their basket, but hasn't been bought. We scrape products from the website and display images that are also scraped.


If the banner-set would be successful they would use it for the prospecting phase as well

and use popular items in stead of "in basket" items. 

This banner-set feels very high-end while it still has a playful touch. It works very nicely and it has a lot of information in the details. Another example that a retargeting set can be fun and functional.


Thanks to our DCO campaign they have experienced an uplift in terms of CTR, higher than CTR % average benchmark. Which means that the retargeting strategy has been a good driver in the increase of the overall interaction rate of the DCO banner.

In terms of conversion rate they also saw some positive results, in fact the DCO banners have proven to be more effective when compared to the ''classic static display banner''.

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