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#1 The Brand & Brief

Napoleon is a well-known Dutch candy brand that has a range of different products sold

in Belgium and the Netherlands. I was able to work with this colourful brand

at WeConnect. I was responsible for their always-on content,

concept development and designs for their campaigns.

Napoleon changed their packaging from plastic to a more environment

friendly packaging: wax paper. To announce this change we used a lot of

different ways to communicate this message. The biggest one were:

A DooH Abri, truck design, communications in supermarkets & social content.

To stay recognizable as a brand I used the bright brand colours of the original

packing of Napoleon's first candy.

#2 Campaign & Brief

Candy is always in the spotlight when Halloween comes around the corner.

Therefor Napoleon wanted to produce and push the special Halloween edition.

We had a small budget to set up a social campaign. 

I was responsible for; concepting, art-direction and animation.



I came up with the "six-word horror story" challenge.

Derived from the “six word story” concept, translated in a horror scene, asking people to submit

their spooky story in only 6 words to have a chance to win the special

edition packaging for Halloween.


On Meta, a CPM of €1.44 has been established. 

• We achieved over 1 million impressions here. 

• 800 clicks and 276 comments under the four videos. 

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