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Boerderij Chips
Social Visual Identity

The Brand & Brief

Boerderij Chips is a client that I worked on at WeConnect.

The client had little to no strategy for social, they also didn't have 

clear visual guidelines so to me this was a carte blanche, a

designers dream!

I started by doing some research and pinning what I thought could work for this

brand. They farm the potatoes for the chips carefully and that is what you 

can taste in this brand. However they are down to earth, informal and

the branding they have in their logo really is bold.

Before designing I made a few visual guidelines to make it easier

for my self and to help the client with their future communications.

Visual Style

I pitched 2 different styles, the first one was more focussed on land, greenery and being

sustainable, but it was the safe choice. Luckily the client went for the more grungy, edgy and

playful style. 

I created a lot of mockups to get some life in the designs and I think it works

beautifully together. The branding has a lot of potential to implement in

the website, DooH, commercials and advertising.

The Results

We definitely got attention with the new social designs and the ads we

set live. The results were very positive for a very first social campaign. Because

we have no reference materials at this stage we can't take real

learnings from these numbers but we did got extra followers on

the different platforms and we do have a higher ranking

in search engines


CPM: €1,29

CTR: 0,26%

3.324 clicks

2.027.522 impressions

1.261.557 reach


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