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Tims Maatwerk
Brand Identity

The Brand & Concept

Tims Maatwerk designs and produces tailor made premium level furniture.

To boost the business Tim asked me to give his business a brand

identity that would sell his products without him having to explain why it's

 one of kind furniture.. The goal was to get more traction through the website and socials.. 


We started with strategy brainstorm sessions where I tried to understand what drives Tim to do what

he does everyday and why it’s important to him and how he thinks he is differs from other carpenters.

When I had a clear vision about this I I started writing down a business strategy and defining a vision,

mission and core values. After that we started working on a visual identity that communicates the

identity of Tims Maatwerk.

Visual Style

Important to Tim is that his product is a premium high level hand crafted piece which costs

a lot of money and his customers don't always understand that. To filter out some of these customers

the visual style needed to reflect Tims high-end product. We chose a minimalistic style with

line works that represent the custom sketches Tim and his team make everyday for their

clients. This playful element gives the brand a premium but still relatable character.

Brand in Action

When we see the brand in action we really see the though and edgy brand coming to live while still giving that premium feel to all content.


The client was really happy with the outcome and generated new local customers through a clearer, well shaped communication through content and design.

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